Is cleaning house really how you want to spend your time?

We didn’t think so.

Cross cleaning off your list – with one call to H & H Cleaning Service. Use your time the way you want, knowing you can count on our reliable, quality cleaning service to take care of the dirty work.

Eliminate the need to make time to clean

Enjoy the freedom of a consistent, scheduled cleaning

Delegate those big, one-time projects you've been putting off or just can't get to

"We have been using H & H for a number of years now. We continue to use them, despite the variety of services available, because they do an outstanding job.

Not only does H & H clean very well, but they are normally on time and efficient. The teams work very hard, and have attention to detail. H & H seems careful not to break delicate items. It is a convenience to me to not have to mop the floors. I highly recommend H & H Cleaning!"

Rebecca, Hyde Park

"We hired H & H Cleaning about one and a half years ago so we could spend more time with our kids. We love it. The ladies are very business like and get things done. They leave you little notes to keep you updated and you write them notes for special things you want done. I highly recommend H & H Cleaning. Debbie has a great staff, a lady named Amanda in particular, that goes above and beyond to keep my house the way I want it!

Thank you H & H"

Marlo, Montgomery


We're a Cincinnati-based, independent business that's built a long list of satisfied clients over our 10 year history. What's our secret? Our commitment to quality, reliability and attention to detail. Clients say our personal, friendly approach is why we're a cut above other cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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