Remove Black Scorches from Pots & Pans

Whether you have a dutch oven, stainless steel or copper, at some point your pots and pans will get scorched on the inside and/or outside.  It takes more than elbow grease to remove it.

Use Bar Keepers Friend on these tough spots of your pan and it will eliminate the black from the pots and pans.

  1.  Clean the pot or pan as best you can as you typically do.
  2.   Shake Bar Keepers Friend and specific areas needed until well covered.
  3.   Let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  4.   Use a damp non-abrasive scour pad, scrub the areas needed on the pot or pan.
  5.   Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Eliminate Hard Water Rings in Toilets

Living in Cincinnati has many great things to brag about, but it’s hard water is not one of them.  It can wreak havoc on so many things in your household. No matter how often you clean your toilets, over time you will build a hard water ring around the water edge. Simple solution that takes […]