It’s Time To Enjoy That Screened in Porch!

With spring finally here and summer right around the corner its time for you and your family to enjoy the screened in porch! One key to having a screened in porch that everyone will envy is a clean screen.  And now is the perfect time to get them clean.

  1.  Take a long handle flume or dry mop head and dust off all the cobwebs up higher, in the upper corners, and along the edging of the ceiling line.  
  2. Take a dry rag and knock off cobwebs and loose dust all along the perimeter and corners.
  3. Then prepare a solution of 4 tbsp. liquid dish soap (dawn preferred), a quarter cup of ammonia, 3 tbsp. of borax and 5 gallons of water. Fill another bucket with plain warm water.
  4. With the cleaning solution and a rag wipe down the framing and the screens.
  5. Then with a clean rag and the plain warm water go back over the framing and screens.  

Tip: use a lint free rag (such as an old t-shirt) to avoid getting lint stuck in the screen