Clean Windows Wells Is Necessary for the Health of Your Home’s Foundation

Your window wells are an important part of your house’s foundation.  If not covered, window wells quickly accumulate moisture, leaves, weeds, etc.  When debris builds up in them, it minimizes light going through the window and overtime it can affect the foundation.


If window wells have been unattended for awhile, the first cleaning may take a little bit of time.  The following steps will get your window wells in proper condition to then just have maintenance cleaning the remainder of the year.

First remove all debris from the well.  With gloves on your hands, you’ll need to step down into the well.  Beside the well have a bucket or large lawn bag.  Clean out all the matter lying in the well, leaving the small gravel layered on the bottom.

Second, assuming the well is draining properly, take a hose and rinse down all the small particles.  Using your hand to turn over the gravel to rinse thoroughly.

Once the well is cleaned out, wash the window on the outside and in.

Finally using the measurements of the window well, lay a properly fitting cover.  This will then prevent the well from getting too much water and debris.  And you will only need to clean the window well 1-2 a year.