Now is the Time to Check Off The Chores Done A Couple of Times a Year

There are probably a few household chores you do 2 – 4 times a year.  For example, clean the refrigerator, clean the oven, clean the windows, dust the blinds and fans, flip your mattress, move furniture to clean behind and under them.

To prevent getting overwhelmed with the addition of household maintenance that’s done a few times a year, put a few of the items in your calendar each month or every other month so you’re not feeling like it all needs to take place at once.

For example, in May the windows, blinds and ceiling fans will be washed.  In July move furniture to clean behind and under everything.  In September clean the refrigerator and oven and in November Flip your mattress.

Then you can repeat this rotation beginning with the new year.  Using an electronic calendar will easily keep you up to date and give you reminders.