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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is the time of year you want everything to be fresh and clean! Having a list makes it easier. Here is helpful list: Kitchen Clean out fridge and freezer and behind fridge Clean oven Remove and clean stove burners and knobs Clean out and wipe down drawers & cupboards Discard old spices Clean out […]

Cleaning Rock Salt Off Clothing

With a couple of rags, a dry brush (with soft bristles), white vinegar and water, you can get most rock salt stains out of clothing.  Start with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar mixed with a quart of water. If you need to make it stronger, you can. To clean clothes that are water-resistant, dip a […]

Easy Way to Make Silver Sparkle

Here is a quick and inexpensive way to polish your silver jewelry and other silver pieces you have. Please note, this is for silver only. It can not be used on other metals. You will need: 1 cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon baking soda 1 tablespoon white salt 1/2 cup white vinegar 1 sheet […]

Lestoil Removes Tough Laundry Stains

Lestoil is an old product that is worthy of being brought back to everyone’s cleaning supply closet. It is generally thought of as a heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner. However, it is also an incredible stain remover for the laundry. It works great on oil and grease stains. This can be the grease and oil that […]

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

You do not need expensive products to clean your hardwood floors. Our solution requires no rinsing and can be used either in a spray bottle or a bucket. You can use it with a flat head mop or with a microfiber head wring mop. Using just a touch of soap helps to lift dirt but […]

Christmas Checklist

Being organized at Christmas, is the key to reducing stress and enjoying the season. To make it easier for you, here is our Christmas checklist: Three-Four Weeks Before Start decorating Make a master gift list Start Christmas shopping Update holiday mailing list Two-Three Weeks Before Mail out of town presents and holiday cards Make out […]

Thanksgiving Checklist

When it comes to entertaining of any type, the key is to do as much ahead of time as possible. You want to make guests feel at home and relaxed, and you want to spend time together! Here is a checklist for Thanksgiving: Do all of the shopping a week ahead of time except for […]

Cleaning Suede Boots

Suede boots are a staple for many of us for the winter months. They can last a long time, but they should receive regular maintenance to stay looking nice.  However, the regular maintenance part seems to rarely happen, and most of us are now pulling ours’ out from the dark corners of our closet and realizing they need a […]

Deodorize Carpet with Baking Soda

Carpets harbor a lot of odors, especially those of pet owners! Baking soda can be very effective in removing these odors, and it’s a safe product for the entire household.  Here’s how to use it effectively. First vacuum your carpet. The baking soda works best if you start with a carpet that is as clean […]

Three Steps to Organize Your Closet

It’s the time of year to switch out the summer clothes for the winter ones, and therefore, a good time to clean and organize your closet. Sort everything into 3 major piles: Keep, Toss and Donate. Get rid of everything that you have not worn in a year. Get rid of things that no longer fit.  […]