Get the clean you’re looking for

What’s on your cleaning list? We work from yours, not ours, customizing a plan that works for you. What’s your need? We handle most cleaning projects, including general and detail cleanings, getting homes ready to sell, new construction and move in/move out cleanings. You decide how often you need us, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. How about some extra help during an especially busy time or for something special:

    • Detailed cleaning before you put it on the market
    • Thorough cleaning before moving in
    • Cleaning before moving out to get it ready for your buyer
    • Transitioning back to work or school
    • A new baby in the house
    • During illness or recovering from a stay in the hospital
    • A one-time deep cleaning of a specific room or area
    • The perfect fit for Mother’s Day or birthday

Count on clean – every time

We’re an established, locally-owned business which means you get personal and reliable service from the same two- to three-person crew every time. Consistency has its benefits; you get a team that learns how you like things done and cares for your home the way you would. Have a special product you like used? We’re happy to use it; otherwise we bring our own supplies and equipment, saving you the expense and hassle of keeping the right cleaning tools on hand.

We make cleaning easy for you.